Dangen Entertainment Warning

A series of posts intended to warn the general public, game developers, and women about the predatory business practices and sexually inappropriate behavior of Dangen Entertainment and its CEO Ben Judd.

After the above three articles, Dangen Entertainment announced Ben Judd would be stepping down with the following two articles on December 11th. (2019/12/11)

The official FK team’s reaction to Dangen’s statement on December 11th is here:


Where can I get a good summary?

  • USGamer’s article is fairly short and focuses on the business issues.
  • TechRaptor’s article is a bit longer and carefully breaks down major portions of the alleged business problems.
  • GamesIndustry.biz’s article focuses more on Ben Judd’s sexual harassment and abuse history and compiles testimony from over 12 witnesses.
  • The ResetEra thread on this topic is longer but has various highlights, summaries, analyses, and reactions by various readers as the situation continued to develop. I also began posting here with more clarifications at the end of page 12 and on.
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